Tactile Sense, 2011
Acrylics on canvas, 90x90
Tactile Sense by Tine Vandamme

The provocative nature of Tactile Sense is intended. This work evokes a range of reactions, from discomfort to arousal, prompting viewers to reflect on their own sensory perceptions and the ways in which they interpret tactile stimuli. 

By confronting viewers with a taboo subject matter, Tine Vandamme encourages dialogue and reflection on the cultural and social constructs that shape our perceptions of sex, desire and human relationships. Interpreted as a commentary on objectification and the ways in which women are often reduced to objects of male desire. Meanwhile the female represents vulnerability and connection. The juxtaposition of these elements provokes contemplation on the complexities of desire and the ways in which it intersects with notions of identity and intimacy.

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