Tine Vandamme

Officialy born in 1977 as 'Tineke' Vandamme. Tine is a contemporary artist living in Kortrijk, Belgium. Her life's work is dedicated to the pursuit of happyness with its unbridled colorful expression.

 Care, that's what Tine's life revolves around from childhood. Tine came third in a family with 4 children. 2 years younger than her brother who was 100% disabled due to an oxygen deficiency. Despite the great concerns within the family about this, she grew up carefree. After her studies, she resolutely opted for a career in the healthcare sector. After all, it felt like her second habitat, thanks to the many experiences and contacts with it through her brother. She ended up working there for 11 years, until the "system" in which she worked became too far removed from her personal values. 


What followed was a bumpy track. A journey of trial and error. Her evening studies painting at the academy in Kortrijk made her realize even more that, in addition to her caring lifestyle, she must embrace and follow her passion. No one around her was surprised. As a child she did nothing but create. It was her tried-and-true escape plan when the world around her didn't want to join in.

Her art-start got off to a promising start, because one of her first works 'Slip Away' was immediately selected for the Cancas collection and hung in the Bozar museum in Brussels. Her luck spun as fast as the life-size carousel depicted on the canvas.

Despite the lauded start, Tine lost herself in her diverse fascinations, naivety and constant wonder. All the ideas and fantasies that came to her were transformed into her own brightly colored and recognizable style. Her creativity shot in all directions and Tine did not limit herself only to painting. Stubbornly, she did her own thing, causing her to take a side road instead of staying on the main road. Driven to learn, she experimented with jewellery, crockery, tiles, small statues, clothing, linocuts, ... you name it. This eventually even resulted in her own shop to present all her beautiful creations to the general public. Various trajectories in which she also reaped success, but which turned out to be too much to work all at the same time.

Time distracts everyone, including Tine as an artist. Then Corona came and Tine decided to recharge her batteries, reboot het life.

The past 10 years flew by and felt like years of study for Tine. Her passion and creativity remained. It was a beautiful adventure, but the time had come for a new self-conscious choice. Time for more focus. Time for the basics of life. From now on, painting only. Time for pure Art! 


Enjoy to the fullest, as Tine does!

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