Death exists for life, 2022
Acrylics on canvas, 80x120
Death exists for life by Tine Vandamme

This work is from the series _ HANS OP DE BEECK _ based on his work 'Danse Macabre', which was shown life-size at the Bruges Triennial in 2021. 

A life-size gray ghost carousel with skeletons as occupants. The artist plays on the thin line between dream and nightmare. This work made a deep impression on Tine Vandamme, who already worked with the theme of carousels in her earlier oeuvre. For example, her life-size painting 'Slip Away' measuring 200x300cm was on display in the Bozar Museum in 2014 through the Canvas collection.
She decided to start with the work of Hans Op De Beeck as a basis and to get life going again where Op De Beeck made it come to a standstill. With her typical color palette she brings the ash color, lavish party dishes and skeletons back to life. By entering into a duel with the work, she closes the invis

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